ProGen were commissioned by Pinguin Foods to install (150) 120W LED high bays linked to occupancy sensors within one of it’s coldstore chambers, resulting in some staggering savings:

  • Total annual energy KWH saving: 724452 KWH
  • Saving of carbon emissions per year: 393.47 CO2 tons
  • Payback of the LED lighting scheme: 14 months (1.2 years)
  • Lifespan of the LED products specified: 50000 hours
  • Money saved by the installation of LED lighting installation in 7 years: £440,424
  • Relamping costs saved: £7000 per year
  • The LED high bays have a very low working temperature compared to the existing 250w hqi lowbay, so will reduce the risk of fire
  • Delivered light circa 150 lux at floor level

Due to the LED’s superior performance in cold applications, the fixtures in the cold store actually deliver more than the advertised lumen output, thanks to the coldstore temperature of -30°C, and with the exceptionally low heat output, the entire cold storage locker runs more efficiently with less refrigeration demand to maintain optimum temperature.


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