Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps use the ground as their primary energy source, either by deploying geothermal collectors or geothermal probes. Water and water heat pumps are used where water is available as a heat source.

In the UK, the ground a few metres below our feet keeps a constant temperature of about 11OC throughout the year. This is approximately the average air temperature, Ground source heat pumps (GSHP) take advantage of this steady temperature.

Although electricity drives a compressor to upgrade the steady low level heat to a higher usable temperature, and pumps which circulate fluid around a closed loop of pipe in the ground, heat pumps are considered to generate renewable heat because each unit of electricity can deliver several units of solar-derived heat.

Progen can provide and install the Correct sizing of the heat pump and the ground loop is crucial to the effective and efficient operation

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps work by transferring heat absorbed from the outside air to an indoor space such as an office or other building. This is the wet central heating systems to heat radiators and provide hot water. It works much like a refrigerator. Air source heat pumps can also work as a cooling system in the summer months. Air source heat pumps are usually placed outside of a building where there is adequate space.

Both air and ground source heat solutions come with an range of benefits:

  • A low carbon footprint
  • They can deliver heat at lower temperatures – at -20 C compared to conventional oil and gas boilers
  • Potentially receive payments by producing your own heat through the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Can heat hot water for immediate or later use
  • Save more on your next energy bill
  • They have a long lifespan with proper care they can be operational for up to 20 years
  • Provides cooling in the summer and heating in the winter
  • No fuel storage is needed
  • Efficient in summer due to high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

We can provide a turnkey solution for your business where we:

  • Carry out a site assessment
  • Provide detailed design calculations
  • Obtain planning permission
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Commission
  • Service agreement

We are proud to have worked on a vast variety of exciting projects across a range of sectors, a selection of our completions include:


6MW STOR CHP Prestige House

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