Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) converts a single fuel, such as wood pellets or gas, into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use. CHP is highly energy efficient. As well as supplying heat and power, it can deliver a number of positive financial, operational and environmental benefits to your business.

The simple stages to CHP include:

  • Electricity generation
  • Electricity distribution to site
  • Heat recovery
  • Heat distribution to site

The benefits of CHP to your business are:

  • Reduced primary energy costs
  • Zero capital outlay options available
  • Stabilised electricity costs over a fixed period
  • Eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances
  • Potential benefits from Renewable Heat Incentives
  • Sufficient savings to fund energy efficient measures
  • Reduced base load electricity supply
  • Additional security of supply
  • Increased diversity on heating and hot water
  • Cooling provision using absorption chillers
  • Reduced primary energy use
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Helps with carbon legislation compliance
  • Reduced transmission losses from the grid
  • Lower SOx emissions with the use of natural gas as a fuel
  • Legislative Benefits:
  • Helps with Part L compliance
  • Helps meet the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES) targets
  • Helps reduce carbon footprint

CHP is a well-proven technology, recognised worldwide as a viable alternative to traditional centralised generation. With CHP, an engine that is normally fuelled by natural gas or wood pallets, is linked to an alternator to produce electricity. CHP maximises the fuel and converts it into electricity at around 35% efficiency and heat at around 50%. Heat is recovered from the engine by removal from the exhaust, water jacket and oil cooling circuits. Typically, a good CHP scheme can deliver an efficiency increase of anything up to 25% compared to the separate energy systems it replaces.

For any CHP installation, up to 10MW, we can provide a turnkey solution for you covering the following action list:

  • Carry out a site assessment
  • Provide detailed design calculations
  • Obtain planning permission
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Grid connection
  • Commission
  • Service agreement

We are proud to have worked on a vast variety of exciting projects across a range of sectors, a selection of our completions include:


6MW STOR CHP Prestige House

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