Wood to Energy

Wood Combined Heat & Power (CHP) turns wood-based fuels such as wood pellets or gas into both electricity and heat in a single process at the point of use.

We can provide a turnkey solution for you with the following action list:

  • Carry out a site assessment
  • Provide detailed design calculations
  • Obtain planning permission
  • Mechanical and electrical installation
  • Grid connection
  • Commission
  • Service agreement

for any CHP installation, up to 10MW

Commercial biomass heating

We directly service larger commercial, new-build and refurbishment M&E projects. For these projects, we provide a free biomass heating consultancy service.

Projects would typically be of a large and complex nature up to 10MWs and would be supported by our own in-house specialist technical engineering team. We have a range of detailed CAD drawings that encompass layout, connectivity and controllability of the boiler/s, Accumulator Tanks, the flue, the pipework and, where appropriate, district heat connections and Building Management Systems. Commercial-scale biomass boilers: Large, commercial scale biomass boilers are designed for use in schools, office buildings, hospitals, and other large structures. They utilize automatic feed systems and advanced computerized controls to maximize the efficiency and performance of the equipment.

Domestic biomass heating 

We offer advice on all aspects of wood heating systems such as:

  • What type of system would be most suitable
  • Flue requirements
  • Heating control
  • General running costs.

On a biomass boiler there is a storage area (hopper) where the wood fuel is kept and then the actual boiler where the fuel is ignited. The wood fuel is automatically fed into the boiler from the hopper and then ignited by an auto start. The temperature is controlled via an electronic thermostat

We carry out a Site Survey to evaluate your Biomass options in more detail and assess the suitability of your site for Biomass. Following this step if appropriate we’ll provide a quotation including detailed information regarding likely income or savings that would apply.

We will provide a detailed design of the installation including heat load calculations (where applicable), schematics, itemized components and hydraulic design for the boiler and associated tanks.

Our engineers are biomass trained and can work with local installers or your plumber whilst providing technical advice, and final testing and commissioning of the system.

We are proud to have worked on a vast variety of exciting projects across a range of sectors, a selection of our completions include:


6MW STOR CHP Prestige House

At ProGen we are proud of our hard-earned reputation for quality, customer service and compliance.

If your needs cannot be met with one of the our standard services, we would love the opportunity to work closely with you to achieve your specific requirements, singularly or working alongside other specialist providers if required. Get in touch with one of our specialists to see how we can help your business:

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