Siemens Wind Turbine Factory

Project Description

Project Overview

Project Value: £80,000.00
Location: Siemens Wind Turbine Factory, Hull
Project type: Renewables

ProGen was contacted by Siemens Hull for an emergency meeting regarding their factory’s lux levels, which were short of regulatory standards and therefore needed improving.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge with this particular project was the timescale. During the meeting, it was revealed that the company were due an external audit in 48 hours’ time, and that their lighting system had to be ready before the inspection. This led to ProGen drafting up designs in the space of two hours, that were quickly approved. Having also already procured the 250 light fittings required for the upgrade, our engineers then began fitting the new system that same evening.

The Solution

Utilising the extensive electrical installation experience of ProGen’s project management team, the challenges posed by this project were overcome. Full design, along with design interface with suppliers and the ProGen installation team, was managed, coordinated and executed successfully by ProGen.

The full extent of ProGen’s design and installation responsibility included:

  • Co-ordination and Design

ProGen provided a full design of the lighting and electrical systems, our in-house design team avoiding any clashes from other services existing on site.

  • LV Distribution

All LV cabling and containment was also provided within ProGen’s package, along with the installation of a new LV distribution.

  • Lighting

ProGen provided full cabling and installation of the lighting package throughout the blade area.

The Outcome

This project was delivered both safely and on budget within 36 hours of the meeting, and the building was successfully signed off by the auditors. Siemens have continued relying on ProGen to deliver a range of further projects – thankfully with a longer timescale.

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