Bristol University Hospital

Project Description

Project Overview

Project Value: £550,000.00
Location: Bristol University Hospital
Project Type: Industrial

ProGen was commissioned by Vital Energi to design and build a high voltage (HV) to low voltage (LV) electrical system to support the integration of 1MW combined heat and power generators, including two new substations with a new HV switch panel and transformers. These generators would provide district heating and power generation to the Bristol University hospital building.

The Challenge

ProGen was tasked with providing a full turnkey solution for the HV, LV and automation cabling infrastructure. The key and overriding challenge for this project was the changeover of supplies from critical services such as the children’s ICU ward, which required skilled engineers and specialist co-ordination of shutdowns to ensure there were no disruptions to the electrical services within the department.

The solution

Progen provided a full turnkey project package to Vital Energi, which allowed us to utilize its in-house expertise and experience to deliver the high voltage package within the tight time constraints of the shutdowns. Our project management team and on-site engineers worked together with Bristol hospital to manage the logistics and timescales needed to avoid any disruption to the hospital during the invasive works.

Equipment supply and installation was an ever-challenging demand to the contract and programming of activities due to the very tight constraints of the shutdowns. However, ProGen not only provided the HV services in house but also the other aspects of the installation.

The full extent of ProGen’s design and installation responsibility included:

  • Co-ordination and design

ProGen provided the full design of the HV and LV electrical systems. With our in-house design team we avoided any clashes from other services existing on-site.

  • HV Infrastructure

Progen provided the full HV infrastructure for the works, which included SAP duties whilst the project was ongoing. The project included HV cable containment and cabling with removal and installation of new transformers and HV switchgear. The termination and jointing of the HV cabling was also provided in-house.

  • LV Distribution

All LV cabling and containment was provided within ProGen’s package, along with the installation of two new LV switchgears and commissioning.

  • Lighting

ProGen provided full cabling and installation of the lighting package throughout the plant rooms.

The Outcome

This project was delivered on time with minimal disruption to Bristol hospital electrical. The success of co-ordination provided both Vital Energi and ProGen with further projects within Bristol hospital.

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