Immingham 16MW Stor Project

Project Description

Project Overview

Project Value: £380,000.00
Location: Immingham 16MW Stor Project
Project Type: Industrial

ProGen was commissioned by Edina to provide a full LV/HV design and build of electrical services for a new site build containerised 16MW CHP system for Welsh Power, located in Immingham.

Edina awarded a CHP contract to ProGen, which included the full turnkey solution to provide HV and LV electrical services to 8 gensets reciprocating gas engines. The store project was external with the gas engines containerised.

The Challenge

ProGen was tasked with providing a full turnkey solution for the HV/LV cabling infrastructure and containment. The site was outdoors and our timescales were tight, so full co-ordination was required to ensure the project ran as smoothly as possible.

The Project presented various challenges, many due to poor weather conditions and tidal surges flooding cable trenches, with potential to damage cabling and equipment. We overcame all of these obstacles using excellent management of phased installation with strong co-ordination from project managers and engineers on site.

The Solution

ProGen has been providing Edina with turnkey installation services for a number of years, and through working closely with Edina, we have a good understanding of this client’s expectations. This helped us to make sure the project ran as smoothly as possible.

The full extent of ProGen’s design and installation responsibility included:

  • Co-ordination and Design

ProGen provided full design of the HV and LV electrical systems. With our in-house design team, we avoided any clashes from other services existing on site.

  • HV Infrastructure

ProGen provided the full HV infrastructure for the works, which included HV cable containment and cabling with removal and the termination and jointing of the HV cabling was also provided in house.

  • LV Distribution

All LV cabling and containment was provided within ProGen’s package, along with the installation of a new LV switchgear and commissioning.

  • Lighting

ProGen provided full cabling and installation of the lighting package throughout the compound area.

  • Fire and Security

ProGen provided Edina a full fire and security package, which was supplied and installed to the exact requirements of the specification.

  • Gas Detection

ProGen provided a full ATEX gas detection system throughout the gas engine containers.

  • HV Substation Fit-out

The new HV substation was fitted out with lighting and power by ProGen to the exact specifications provided by western power networks.

The Outcome

This project was completed within 20 weeks, which was on budget and within our proposed timeframe.

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