Here East

Project Description

Project Overview

Project Value: £1.5M
Location: Here East, Stratford London
Project Type: Commercial

ProGen was commissioned by Corley + Woolley to design and build a full electrical system for a repurposing of the broadcasting studios from the Olympic games.

The Challenge

ProGen was tasked with providing a full turnkey solution for the HV and LV electrical services. The key and overriding challenge for this project was the changeover of supplies from other office spacing within the complex.

Being a predominantly CAT A project, we worked closely with here East to achieve the best possible end result for the client. This cooperation was an important factor in the completion of the required work.

The Solution

ProGen provided a full turnkey project package to Here East, which allowed us to utilise in-house expertise and experience to deliver the HV and LV packages within the tight time constraints of the shutdowns.

Equipment supply and installation was an ever-challenging demand to the contract and programming of activities due to the very tight constraints of the shutdowns, with ProGen not only providing the HV and LV services in-house, but also the other aspects of the installation. However, the project demonstrated ProGen’s strengths, from the design and installation of a new, bespoke LV substation with generator / UPS backup and data centre, to CAT A and CAT B fit-outs of offices.

The full extent of ProGen’s design and installation responsibility included:

  • Co-ordination and Design

ProGen’s in-house design team provided a full design of the HV and LV electrical systems, avoiding any clashes from other services existing on site.

  • HV Infrastructure

ProGen provided the full HV infrastructure for the works, which included SAP duties whilst the project was ongoing. The project included HV cable containment and cabling, with removal and installation of new transformers and HV switchgear. The termination and jointing of the HV cabling was also provided in house.

  • LV Distribution

All LV cabling and containment was provided within ProGen’s package, along with the installation of new LV switchgears and commissioning throughout the large open spaces and offices. In addition to the offices, we provided the fit-out of a new substation, with new LV switchgear panels and two backup generators installed adjacent to the substation.

  • Lighting

ProGen provided full cabling and installation of the lighting package throughout the office and open space areas.

  • Automation

ProGen provided all the lighting within the offices with symtronic automation, which was an essential part of the project. ProGen provided management of external specialist contractors, and the base cabling to allow the automation of all the lighting throughout the offices.

  • Fire alarm

ProGen provided full fire alarm cabling and containment within the offices and open area spaces with the system already integrated within here East’s existing systems.

  • Data Services

ProGen provided the full CAT 6 cabling and containment within the offices.

The Outcome

This was all completed two months ahead of schedule and on budget. All services were provided in-house for full management control and, through our success, we have formed a close, ongoing relationship with Here East.

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